If you thought PlayStation's E3 trailer was a little redundant (or dubstep heavy), it appears IGN's Up at Noon has you covered with a far more substantial The Amazing Spider-Man video game footage featuring the debut of the villainous Scorpion. Like the Iguana and the Rhino, this version of Scorpion appears to be the product of an Oscorp experiment gone wrong and inevitably clashes with Spidey via glowing green pincers and a weaponized tail. The trailer also features new footage of the Webslinger riding/punching a giant robotic Spider-Slayer, Black Cat knocking dudes around and Vermin seemingly summoning rats and other... you know, verminy things. All told, it looks like there's going to be plenty for players to do in the open-world video game sequel to this summer's Amazing Spider-Man movie, even if you don't spring for the playable Stan Lee DLC. Check out the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man video game after the cut.

[Scroll to 14:15 in to go straight to the footage]

[Via Start]

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