Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man's unused costume concepts may not have slippers, but are otherwise pretty big departures from the traditional suit. [ScreenCrush]


Drawn and Quarterly Holiday Sale 2013

Sales: Drawn & Quarterly's annual holiday sale will save shoppers 40% through Monday, December 2nd. [D&Q]


Catbug Imposibear Backpacks

Threads: New Catbug and Imposibear backpacks are sure to hold plenty of Bravest Warriors comics. [Tomopop]


Video: Want to cruise around as Ghost Rider in Grand Theft Auto 5? There's a tutorial for that. [Reddit]


Threezero Robocop toys teaser

Toys: Robocop reboot toys are on the way from Threezero in 2014. [Threezero]


Previews: Michel Fiffe teases the 12th and potentially final issue of COPRA, out November 29th, in a new video. [Michel Fiffe]

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