The last time we saw what we thought was a playable character from Activision and Silicon Knights' X-Men: Destiny concept art, we were nonplussed by a mutie who bore a striking resemblance to The Situation. New official images, however, have us more hopeful as other playable character Aimi Yoshida makes the scene sporting a look befitting Runaways leader Nico Minoru.
Yoshida seems to fit the female form amid the three character strong silhouette found in the game's teaser trailer and other promo materials. It's unclear exactly what her mutant powers are, but some kind of energy manipulation (opposed to the matter/body mass and mystery abilities that've been hinted at so far) seems likely judging from these images.

Players will be able to choose from at least two more characters in the game as they pay tribute to a fallen Professor Xavier in San Francisco before adventuring through "decision moment" indicators and managing their "X-Gene" power meters alongside X-Men regulars like Cyclops, Gambit and Colossus.

With any luck Mike Carey's storyline will carry each of the title's eventual playable characters through fluid choice-based gameplay when it arrives later this year.

See the new X-Men: Destiny images below:

[Via Joystiq]

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