Nick Derington meshes some anime sensibilities with a subtle, Saturday-morning-ready simplicity that occasionally makes his art look like a smoothed-over variation of something Mike Mignola might have drawn. Then there's his raging mustachioed version of the Incredible Hulk, which couldn't be more timely for November when everyone is letting their facial follicles go wild.Derington's got a gallery on his own website and a Flickr account that's well worth watching if you like his stuff. From giant tentacled slug-beasts to Mer-man, he's certainly got a range of interests-even when it comes to scaly, slimy things.

He's at his best with basic, concepts in super-imaginative settings, though. Take, for example, his odd forest creatures and glowing, Pokémon-ish Tribble blobs. Derington has a fine eye for creative concepts, and he knows how to show just enough to make a picture interesting.

Have a look down below to check out all of this and everyone's favorite jade giant ripping it up on a skateboard.