Nick Pitarra's an artist who who's popped up in a few places online and on paper over the last few years. He's contributed Marvel's Astonishing Tales and S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity, and Jonathan Hickman fans are going to be seeing even more of him soon when the creative duo's new book The Red Wing launches in July from Image Comics.
Pitarra's lines cut clean, detailed textures into his figures. His style resembles Chris Burnham's with a slight aroma of Seth Fisher. And it's a shame no one's launching a new He-Man book right now, because the moderate doses of weirdness he mixes into the work posted to his official blog look good enough to get something started.

If The Red Wing turns out as nice as half the stuff in his archives (and the preview art we've seen indicates it probably will), we should all be in for some good reads this summer.

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