It's a bird! It's a plane! It's long-haired, strangely dramatic stoner Superman! Yes, Nicolas Cage's Superman fetish is well-documented -- he even named his son Kal-El -- and it's no secret that he was angling for the role of the Man of Steel for years.

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What I hadn't seen was the screen test from the Tim Burton "Superman Lives" film scripted by Kevin Smith that almost came to pass in 1999, with Cage in the starring role.

it's a wildly unflattering photo, mostly due to the hair -- perhaps this was based on Superman's unfortunate mullet period? And the expression that says "I'd rather be eating Cheetos on the couch." But what I really can't get over is how his costume makes him look like he's been greased up with Crisco, Groundskeeper Willy style.

(via Cinematical)
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