It looks like the leaked trophies, t-shirts and images didn't lie. Nightwing is officially a playable character in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City. Dick Grayson's superhero identity will come with his own gadgets and weapons (see his trademark truncheons above) and, like Robin, be playable in all Arkham City challenge maps. Wayne Manor and Main Hall. The Nightwing bundle, which comes with the Wayne Manor and Main Hall maps, will be available November 1 -- just two weeks after the game's October 18 release -- on Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft Points and PlayStation Network for $6.99.Just as Robin comes with animated series and Red Robin skins, the Nightwing bundle will come standard with an Animated Series outfit (complete with sweet mullet, we hope). Though Robin will initially be a Best Buy exclusive, according to, he will join Nightwing as a standard DLC offering on November 22.

The leaked supposed screen shots of Nightwing from Arkham City sported a somewhat purple hue, so it's nice to see Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive's official promo image is rocking his trademark blue.

Check out the first official image of Nightwing from Batman: Arkham City below:

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