A (unintentional) Nightwing-inspired peplum cocktail dress? Get out of my dreams get into my Nightbird. Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available on ModCloth*. However, this serves as a great example of how to rework a stellar costume design into a chic, ready-to-wear ensemble.

*BRB crying forever~

When girls' night out rolls around, there's no need to search your closet for that perfect peppy, party-ready frock. This coy, little number of noir, fashionably accented with an aqua V that continues up to its slim straps, will make sure you're properly outfitted when it comes time for dining and dancing with your besties. For a look that's sure to be as stunning as your disco moves, slide a pair of pink pumps beneath the peplum skirt of this striking number, add some bold baubles, and finish with a neon wristlet.

[Via ilikecomicstoo]