My sector of the Internet blew up earlier this week with a brilliantly edited YouTube video that compiled nearly 15 minutes worth of Worf, the only Klingon crew member of the U.S.S. Enterprise, advising his Captain and others to take caution or assume a defensive posture, only to get shut down again and again by his fellow officers, friends and seemingly anybody he ever came into contact with in seven years of Star Trek: The Next Generation. For casual fans (n00bz) of the Gene Roddenberry-created television series, the video was a hilarious testament to the silliness of the Klingon crewman. For more dedicated Star Trek viewers, the clip was a painful reminder of how the long suffering security officer was relentlessly denied and even mocked by his shipmates simply for his dedication to vigilance and combat, even though he was absolutely correct at nearly every turn.

This phenomenon did not go unnoticed by cartoonist Andrea Tsurumi, who depicted in comic strip form what happens when the Enterprise doesn't heed the warnings of its chief security officer.First, check out this expertly compiled but ultimately depressing video of Worf's numerous shut-downs.

Now, behold Tsurumi's excellent comics, which essentially complete the nearly all the scenarios we saw in the clip above. Click to enlarge.

Tsurumi's last comic, where Worf jumps ship to the Nostromo of Alien, was especially gratifying. Indeed, that Worf is always right is something I have long argued, and like all right thinking Star Trek fans I was relieved when he left the Enterprise to join the far more prudent command crew of Deep Space Nine, a station where Worf got respect, authority, and mad ass.

Based in New York, Tsurumi is a freelance illustrator/designer and an MFA student at The School of Visual Arts. Besides awesome Star Trek comics, she's also drawn Zoötrope, a 40-page children's book depicting the behind-the-scenes mysteries of a circus run by peculiar animals. You can download the whole thing for free at her website, where you can also find loads of other comics and illustrations. Tsurumi's Star Trek comics are available in poster form from her Etsy shop.

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