The Walking Dead willfully steered itself into some Game of Thrones-style set shenanigans, knowing that each and every actor sighting would set off a frenzy of speculation as to which cast member will end up on the other end of Negan’s bat, come Season 7. We might be able to cross off Daryl and Glenn, thanks to some off-set Georgia commotion, but let’s investigate, shall we?

You’re warned of possible spoilers for Season 7 of The Walking Dead from here on out, but where filming began as early as May 2, it’s worth nothing that both Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus have been captured as close to set as Peachtree City, Georgia. The photo-op came when TMZ caught the duo stopping to aid the victim of a minor accident, sticking around until the paramedics arrived.



According to SpoilingTheDead at least, the majority of initial filming took place in-studio at night, presumably to cover any leaks as to which Walking Dead star will have suffered Negan’s wrath. Mind you, Yeun and Reedus’ presence wouldn’t necessarily guarantee Glenn and Daryl’s survival, as both are still considered prime targets (Yeun for Glenn being Negan’s victim in the comics, Daryl for a variety of reasons).

Also worth noting, The Walking Dead may keep its actors on or around set well into filming as another means to conceal the big death, just as producers downplayed last year’s shots of Steven Yeun on set beyond the big Glenn fakeout.

Presumably, more outdoor filming will start to narrow things down, but should we consider Glenn and Daryl safe, that both actors are still at least in the area?


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