As much as popular culture assumes that every comic (and...*sigh*..."Glee" and "Twilight") fan will be making their way to the California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con International this summer, the fact of the matter is that not everyone can make the July 21-25 excursion. Dark Horse Comics seems to understand that as well as anybody, which could help to explain this strange teaser they sent out earlier today.

While the teaser came sans explanation, it's safe to infer that you won't have to cut a comic publisher's logo into your lawn to participate. "#NotAtComicCon" has all the characteristics of a Twitter hashtag and, sure enough, its own Twitter feed.For the most part, our robust ComicsAlliance staff WILL be at Comic-Con, but it's good to know that the excitement will be trickling through the Internets through another channel. Also, I really feel like buying an inflatable kiddie pool to blog from right about now. Thanks for the inspiration mysterious teaser from Dark Horse!