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That cosplaying is a matter of course for comics and sci-fi/fantasy conventions is irritating to some, but we at ComicsAlliance feel only love for those most enthusiastic of fans who replicate (often at great expense) the frequently impossible ensembles of their favorite superheroes and villains and model them for our cameras at the nation's biggest events. New York Comic Con was a success on many levels, but the cosplaying at the 2010 show was in a class of its own. Well done to everyone who fiercely strutted their super stuff, and our great thanks to Jim Kiernan for the excellent photographs.

Below you'll find traditional superheroes, anime and manga characters, plus some of gaming's most famous icons. The combination is pretty regularly occurring at a comic convention these days, but the sheer variety of cosplay costumes at NYCC was an enjoyable consequence of ReedPop hosting its Anime Festival on the other side of the Javits center.

Check out select images below:

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