I love pretty much everything about digital comics. The accessibility, the fact that creators can reach a wider audience through the internet, even the fact that they don't take up a whole lot of space in your home! Those are all great things about the format. This year at New York Comic Con, however, Comixology is going to ask the question I think we've all been waiting for: What if those digital comics... were in print?

That, it seems, is the premise behind a pretty cool project that they're unveiling as part of their sponsorship of this year's NYCC Artist's Alley: A set of five print versions of formerly digital-only comics that will be limited to 500 copies each. And, in what is arguably the best part, they're giving them away for free.

The project is focused on Comixology Submit, which gives small-press publishers and self-published creators the chance to get their work onto the digital platform outside of the more mainstream publishers, with a focus on some of their more notable titles: Revenger, Chuck Forsman's hyper-violent '80s action throwback; Art Baltazar and Franco's kid-friendly Aw Yeah Comics; Gamma, the story of an ex-hero fallen on pretty hard times by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas; the Fresh Romance anthology edited by former CA editor Janelle Asselin, and Natasha Alterici’s Viking-themed epic, Heathen.


Heathen #1 print edition


Gamma #1 print edition


Fresh Romance #1 print edition


Aw Yeah Comics #1 print edition


If you're interested and planning on being at NYCC, you can find the print versions --- while they last --- at booth B11 in the Javits Center's North Pavilion.

New York Comic Con runs from October 8 to 11.

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