During this weekend's New York Comic Con, the staff of ComicsAlliance has been on the scene covering all of the announcements of the East Coast's biggest convention. From the latest news on the upcoming Green Lantern cartoon to a surprising return in the pages of Marvel Comics, we covered it, and today, we're breaking the whole thing down in one post for your conveneince!

So get ready for the biggest news from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and more with our New York Comic Con Roundup! Keep in mind, though, the news coming out of the con may contain spoilers!DC COMICS:

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank Teaming Up For Shazam In 2012: The team behind Superman: Secret Origin and Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes is reuniting to bring Captain Marvel into back-up stories in Justice League. There's been no information yet what sort of take Johns and Frank will be using for Captain Marvel, but given that it's running in the flagship title of the new DC Universe, we're assuming it'll be the "New 52" version of Billy Batson and his god-powered alter-ego. We just hope this story is still in continuity. Read More.

Johns and Frank's Batman: Earth One Is Slated For Summer 2012: Just in case reviving Captain Marvel wasn't enough to keep Johns and Frank busy, they'll also be releasing Batman: Earth One next year. Originally announced in December of 2009, the continuity-free take on Batman should be the perfect graphic novel for fans of its sister title, J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis's Superman: Earth One, people who want to see Gary Frank draw Batman and a Sean Connery-esque Alfred, and the last three human beings on Earth not already familiar with Batman's origin. Read More.

Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's Spaceman Will Be Cheaper In Digital By Exactly One Cent: The team behind 100 Bullets bring you a comic Jim Lee describes as being perfect for fans of Flashpoint: Batman or space on October 26, $1 in print or 99 cents digitally. As fans of both space and 99-cent digital comics, we're pretty excited, as is Azzarello, who asked the crowd to "do me a favor and make it outsell Justice League." Read More.

Suicide Squad Has Officially Taken The Place of Secret Six: According to Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, there are no plans to revive the fan-favorite Secret Six, as Suicide Squad is currently "filling that need," and Harley Quinn's costume was designed to reflect her edgier role in that title. Also, it's against the spirit of the New 52 initiative to draw from the past, which is weird because I could've sworn the Suicide Squad was created in 1959 and popularized in the late '80s. In an unrelated story, enjoy the adventures of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, every month from the new DC Universe! Read More.

Ann Nocenti Will Be Writing Green Arrow: In one of the most intriguing pieces of news to come out of NYCC, JT Krul will be departing from Green Arrow to make way for new writer Ann Nocenti. Nocenti's classic run on Daredevil is a ComicsAlliance favorite, featuring complex questions about morality and identity, inner turmoil, a man dealing with the futility of violence, and even the occasional story where a super-hero smashes up a robot by hitting it with both a pickup truck and a stick. Her involvement in Green Arrow -- which she's described as "a wild ride" -- has an incredible amount of potential, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Read More.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Will Feature the Red Lanterns and Larfleeze: In a sneak peek of the upcoming CGI cartoon, it was revealed that the anger-powered Red Lanterns will be appearing as enemies of the Green Lanterns. And not only that, but there's a new character introduced in the show slated to appear in the comics as well. Read More.

The New 52's Teen Titans Are The "First" Titans: In the new DC continuity, the team of teenage super-heroes being formed by Tim Drake in the pages of Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth's Teen Titans are the first group to ever have that name. That means neither the Bob Haney / Nick Cardy stories of Robin and Speedy referring to Donna Troy as "Wonder Chick" never happened, and neither did the Marv Wolfman / George Perez run that revitalized the team in the '80s and gave us Raven, Starfire and Cyborg. It's a natural extension of ditching Donna Troy and tying Cyborg in to the Justice League rather than another team. Apparently Starfire's previous relationship with Dick Grayson (referenced in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1) happened, but not in the context of a team. They were just friends with benefits. Space-Benefits.

Vertigo Goes Same-Day Digital With New Story Arcs: DC's Mature Readers imprint will be accelerating their plans to offer comics digitally on the same day as their printed counterparts, but rather than launching all at once, they'll be doing it with each book as it starts a new story arc. New titles like Paul Cornell (Demon Knights) and Ryan Kelly (Local)'s Saucer Country and Azzarello and Risso's Spaceman will be available digitally right from the start. Read More.


Phoenix Returns in 2012: It's not a huge shock to learn that the Phoenix is apparently going to return -- coming back to life is what a phoenix does, after all -- but Marvel's teaser about their world-destroying cosmic force still has a lot of questions. Their use of "It" rather than "She" implies that it's going to be the Phoenix Force itself, but in what form? Jean Grey? Hope Summers? That big Shi'ar dude's gigantic space-sword from when the X-Men were rolling with Cyclops's space pirate dad and his common-law catgirl wife? Hey, it could happen. Read More.

Sabretooth Is Also Slated For a Resurrection: While we're on the subject of mutants who just can't stay dead, Sabretooth is on his way back too, courtesy of Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi, the same team that offed him a few years ago. Sabretooth was last seen being decapitated by a sword that could really-real-for-realsies kill even a mutant with an amped-up healing factor, but apparently it was somewhat less effective than we were led to believe. Good thing Wolverine didn't just surround himself with (relatively) defenseless children or anything that would make great targets for a revenge-crazed murderer, huh? Read More.

The Age of Apocalypse Returns In the Pages of X-Force: No, that headline is not a reprint from 1995: Rick Remender and Robbi Rodriguez will be bringing the most x-treme of Marvel's dystopian futures (and that's saying something) back in X-Force, with a full story to follow by David Lapham. I never would've expected this news, but to be honest, I never would've expected X-Force to be one of Marvel's best titles, and yet, here we are. Read More.

Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley Launch Avengers Assemble in March 2012: In order to capitalize on the upcoming Avengers movie -- you may have seen the trailer -- longtime Avengers writer Brian Bendis and his long-time Ultimate Spider-Man collaborator Mark Bagley will be launching a new series featuring solo stories of the characters featured in the film. Despite ostensibly being a movie tie-in -- and the new movie-style costume for Hawkeye on the cover -- the series will be firmly set in Marvel continuity. Read More.

Storm Joins the Avengers: In the aftermath of Fear Itself, the Avengers will be getting a new member in the form of long-time X-Man Storm. She'll be pulling double duty as an Avenger and a member of Wolverine's team of X-Men in, uh, Wolverine and the X-Men, but if there's one thing we know about Marvel's merry mutants, it's that being able to be on multiple teams is just part of having an X-Gene. One of the more interesting things about this, to me anyway, is that this takes the in-continuity Avengers a step closer to their Marvel Adventures counterparts, meaning that we're closer than ever to seeing them all turn into MODOKs. It's what the people want, Marvel. Read More.

Deadpool to Die In Deadpool #50: Watch for announcements on the inevitably epic Resurrection of Deadpool series from Emerald City Comic Con next March. Read More.

Remender and Hardman Take On the Secret Avengers: After current writer Warren Ellis steps down, X-Force writer Rick Remender will be joined by artist Gabriel Hardman (who just finished his run on Incredible Hulk) for a new run on Secret Avengers. The team in the comic gets a shake-up too, with the addition of Venom, Captain Britain and the Human Torch, who will probably have a hard time being a "Secret" Avenger since he is literally a dude who flies around on fire.

A Scarlet Spider Ongoing Series Is Coming In January 2012: No, really. Spider-Man's hoodie-rockin' clone is getting a new series by Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman, though apparently his signature outerwear won't be returning. The identity of the new Scarlet Spider hasn't been confirmed, but if I was a betting man, I'd say that Spider-Clone Kaine being healed in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man probably had something to do with it. My 8th grade self is so excited right now. Read More.

Dexter Creator Jeff Lindsay To Write Dexter Comic: If you're a fan of the Showtime series Dexter or the original novels that it's based on, get ready: In March 2012, novelist Jeff Lindsay, who created the character in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, will be writing an original comic book story for Marvel. I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm pretty sure Dexter's going to kill some people in it. Read More.

Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios Returns With Brandon Graham, Tim Seeley and Alan Moore: Yes, that Extreme Studios, and yes, that Alan Moore. Image will be publishing new issues of some of the Rob's greatest creations, including two issues of Supreme that Moore wrote years ago before the book suddenly ended. The other stuff, including a Prophet story written by King City creator Brandon Graham and Youngblood by Black Swan screenwriter John McLaughlin, will be all-new. This is actually happening. Basically, what I'm getting at here is that the fact that we're getting a new issue of Bloodstrike in the year 2012 is not even the fourth craziest thing about this news. Read More at iFanboy.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Take On Supernatural Crime In Fatale: It's not much of a surprise to find out that the creators of Criminal, Incognito, Sleeper and Scene of the Crime will be doing a crime story, but when Brubaker describes it as a crime story that's also a tale of Lovecraftian horror? That means it's going to be tough waiting until it comes out next year with only a three-page preview to tide us over. Read More.

Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan Adapt Conan: Queen of the Black Coast in 2012: The team behind Demo has set their sights on Conan with what Dark Horse describes as the most requested Robert E. Howard adaptation and a perfect jumping on point for new readers. It's a team I never would've expected, but given Wood's experience with barbarian brutality in the pages of Northlanders and the fact that Cloonan has an amazing gift for adapting her style to any sort of story (something that's in full effect judging by her incredible sketches), it's one I'm pretty excited about. Read More.

Brian Wood and Kristian Dolandson's The Massive Gets an Ongoing Series: Originally slated as a three-part story in Dark Horse Presents, the story of post-apocalyptic environmentalism from the extremely busy Brian Wood and his Supermarket collaborator Kristian Donaldson is now an ongoing series. Set after a profound environmental catastrophe, The Massive follows a ship of environmentalists searching for their allies in a "post-crash" world. Read More.

Shaolin Cowboy Returns From Dark Horse: There are only three things you need to know about Shaolin Cowboy: 1: It's written and drawn by Geoff Darrow. 2: There is an issue where the title character fights a talking shark by using a staff with a chainsaw at each end. 3: It's coming back in 2012 from Dark Horse. You're going to want to buy it.


Courtney Crumrin Returns In Full Color: As part of their 15th Anniversary celebrations next year, Oni will be re-releasing Ted Naifeh's Courtney Crumrin series in full color. The story of a girl who goes to live with her uncle and finds herself dropped into a world of supernatural spookiness is one of the company's best series -- and one of its most underrated. The only thing that's not awesome about this nes is that the new versions aren't out now to make for the perfect Halloween read.

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