Folllowing two successfully crowdfunded waves of OMFG! figures, October Toys has returned to Kickstarter once again with a third round of its Outlandish Mini Figure Guys, a series that pays homage to toy lines such as M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket. The third wave features five brand new characters including (from left to right) Barbarianautt, Fruit Punch, Dr. Decay, Pugnacious and TenCan.

As with the first two waves, each character is a collaboration between designers whose creations are selected by voters at the October Toys forums, and OT itself.

Backers who pledge $10 can get their hands on a set of the figures plus a sticker, with higher backing levels offering exclusive colorways, t-shirts and other items. If you don't wind up backing during the initial campaign, different colorways should manifest for about $10 at a variety of online toy stores provided the Kickstarter is successful.

You can see the October Toys KS pitch video below to see if you're down with the latest outlandish figs.

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