Stand-up comics (and drunk nerds at parties) often gripe about how the promise of common jetpack travel by the 21st century still hasn't been fulfilled. But I say any time period wherein a Star Wars fan can transpose lightsabers onto a video of old French dudes swinging sticks/canes/baguettes? at each other to the tune of "The Imperial March" is a dadburn good one to be alive for. There's a high probability that you will agree with me after the jump.YouTube user pissdrunxlondon's video description doesn't exactly flesh out why the old dudes are fighting, or whether or not their affiliations align with Jedi or Sith factions of The Force (red and blue beams are flying all over!). The original video posted by durostacos is equally unclear, so for the sake of lying, let's just say they're on opposing sides of Batman Inc.'s Muslim Batman from France controversy.

Take in the glorious madness below:

[Via Reddit]