The odds are pretty good at this point that you've already jumped onto the big Archie Comics reboot, which recast Archie, Jughead, and the rest of Riverdale High's most beloved students as modern-day teens with a slightly more realistic take on their adventures. But maybe, just maybe, you've been waiting for a deal. "Listen," you've undoubtedly said, "I know these comics are critically acclaimed and being produced by some incredibly talented creators, but I'm going to hold out until I can get the first few issues for a fraction of the cover price, and also get some comics about Sonic the Hedgehog."

Well, my friend, if that is your very specific desire, then I have some good news. This week, Groupees is offering up a big bundle of Archie books that includes the rebooted Archie and Jughead titles, the horror-themed Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the adult-oriented crime titles from the Dark Circle line, classic stories, and one of my favorite all-ages action comics of the past five years, and you can get the whole thing for just twenty bucks. And as an added bonus, it benefits the CBLDF.


Groupees Archie Bundle


They're all pretty solid comics, but there's a weird quirk of how the bundles work, in that the $10 tier unlocks The Black Hood, a brutal story about a cop who becomes a drug-addicted vigilante after he's scarred by taking a shotgun blast to the face, the Lovecraftian story of Chilling Adventuers of Sabrina, which opens with human sacrifice, and Genesis, the origin story of Sonic the Hedgehog. It might be on purpose, to show the variety of what Archie's publishing these days, but it's pretty hilarious either way.

There's a ton in there that's worth picking up, though. Even if you've got all of the new Archie reboot titles, Mega Man is one of the best and smartest adventure comics ever, and getting those big collections of the classic titles is --- for me at least --- worth $20 all on its own. Check it out, and settle in for some good reading on the cheap!


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