This week on Comixology, DC has a modest sale built around Harley Quinn, dropping the price on collections for everyone's favorite lovestruck villainess down by a little more than half. It's a pretty weird bunch of comics, too, pulling in everything from her mid-2000s solo series to the more recent New 52 relaunch, and even the digital-first Ame-Comi Girls series.

But down at the very end of the list, there are two collections of comics based on Batman: The Animated Series listed at five bucks each, and folks, if you can find a better deal than paying less than $10 for sixteen of the best Batman stories of the decade, then I want to see it.


Batman: Mad Love And Other Stories


Obviously, the big draw here is Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's Mad Love, and for good reason. It's the definitive Harley Quinn story --- and one of the definitive Joker stories, for that matter. But there's an interesting quirk here. See, there are two versions of Mad Love available on Comixology, and while there's one that's laser focused on that story, with script, commentary, color guides and a whole ton of other bonus features, the one that's on sale is the one that collects everything Dini wrote for The Batman Adventures. That alone makes it worth checking out, especially since those are great stories --- including the massive Batman Adventures Annual that featured Scarface, the Scarecrow, Roxy Rocket, Catwoman, and, of course, Harley Quinn in one titanic story.

Along the same lines, you can also grab the second volume of The Batman Adventures itself, with stories by Kelley Puckett and Mike Parobeck:


The Batman Adventures


I've mentioned before that Batman Adventures was unquestionably the single best Batman comic of the '90s, and these stories will show you exactly why. It's in the sale because it includes Harley's first comics appearance in the fantastic "Batgirl: Day One," but there's also a phenomenal Commissioner Gordon solo story, a great tale of Batman and Talia traveling to Paris to foil Ra's al-Ghul's plans and have a bit of a romance themselves, and seven other great stories besides.

Both books are definitely worth picking up at the sale price, but if you can only get one, Batman Adventures has ten stories that are pretty much perfect Batman comics, and that's a pretty hard deal to resist. The sale runs through August 24.


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