In celebration of Eiichiro Oda's pirate manga achieving more than 345 million combined volumes of manga in print worldwide, America's link to the material, publisher Viz Media, has released a digital One Piece Restrospective.

Available for free through November 27th for those who currently have, or create, a Viz account online or through its multi-platform Manga app on iOS and Android, the 144-page Retrospective collects an interview with Oda, a Strong World movie prequel story, exclusive full-color art spreads, a gallery of 69 covers and more.

As it stands, the retrospective works as an introduction to the series for new fans, although readers deeper into the material may more readily appreciate the content.

Since its debut in Japan's Shonen Jump in 1997, One Piece has become a manga and anime sensation around the globe. Set in a world experiencing a Golden Age of piracy, the book follows the adventures of a young pirate captain and his growing crew as they fight their way to an ultimate treasure. There's action, humor, and bizarre superpowers (and weaknesses) granted by eating the fruit of a mysterious tree. There's also a guy who fights with three swords by clenching one in his mouth, a shapeshifting reindeer doctor, a master thieving cartographer, a multi-armed archaeologist, a surfer dude cyborg with a refrigerator in his chest and scores of other offbeat seafarers.

The digital One Piece Retrospective is available now.


One Piece Retrospective Cover

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