In 2016, Jason Aaron is a superstar writer working on titles like The Mighty Thor and Star Wars, while also putting out hit creator-owned books such as Southern Bastards. Several years ago, however, he was an up-and-comer with one hit Vertigo miniseries and an ongoing that was starting to garner some buzz, and he was let loose on a handful of Marvel titles where he established himself as a key player for the company to build itself around.

This week, Comixology has a sale on select titles from across Jason Aaron's time at Marvel Comics, and among them are some comics that you may have missed when they were coming out, which you absolutely need to grab while they're on sale.


Black Panther


You may not be super-interested in a three issue Black Panther tie-in to the event crossover Secret Invasion, but Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo took those three issues and spun gold. Originally titled "See Wakanda And Die", the arc is ostensibly the story of a siege on Wakanda that puts to test the centuries old tradition that the country has never been invaded. Seeing T'Challa go toe-to-toe with the might of the Skrull armada is one of the coolest Black Panther moments in comics.

The real standout that everyone should buy is Ghost Rider: Hell Bent and Heaven Bound, which saw Aaron take over the ongoing series after a cliffhanger regarding the true nature of Ghost Rider's powers, and spin it into an epic tale of revenge and legacy. Along with Roland Boschi and Tan Eng Huat, Aaron injected all the grindhouse sensibilities that Ghost Rider had been missing to create what is arguably the definitive take on the character. Only the first volume is available in the sale, but you'll be ordering the remaining collections by the time you've finished the first issue.

Other overlooked gems in the sale include Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, and Thanos Rising --- but it's a sale that you can't really go wrong on. The Jason Aaron sale on Comixology runs until August 15, 2016.



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