Between writer Sam Humphries and artist Steven Sanders, they've rocked Fraggles, mutated beastly X-Men and reimagined national history. Despite these respective forays into comic weirdness, it's their united effort that may shatter your doggone senses. Hitting select retailers and comiXology today, Our Love is Real takes readers to the not-so-distant future where human-on-human action has been utterly eclipsed by 21st Century taboos. Dogs? Robots? Plants? Nothing is off the table in this future's amorphous take on love and sexuality. Read as a confoundingly enthusiastic zoosexual smashes in the faces of rioting vegisexuals -- before things get really weird -- in our exclusive preview of Our Love is Real after the jump.Emphatically billed as a mature title, Our Love is Real not only fills but utterly defines its self-proclaimed "OMG / SCI-FI / WTF" categories. Aiming neither to oppress with scathing social commentary or pointed morality instruction, the one-shot delivers a story that Scalped and Wolverine writer Jason Aaron calls "A splendidly-perverse and eye-poppingly gorgeous fistful of futuristic fun."

From the official Our Love is Real synopsis:

FIVE YEARS AFTER THE AIDS VACCINE... Plantsexuals riot in the streets for equal rights. Humans fall in love with dogs. And crystals are more than just jewelry. A chance encounter on the job changes a riot cop's life forever as he finds himself caught in a bizarre love triangle that blurs romance, crime, and lust beyond recognition.

Read our exclusive preview of the first six pages of Our Love is Real below:

[Click images to enlarge and read NSFW language]

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