For X-Men fans who always wished the team had more neck tattoos and rockabilly sensibilities, artist Paige Pumphrey has a remedy. Her depictions of Rogue and Jean Grey meld a comical Archie Comics-like body language with some distinctly more R. Crumbian physiques. Those shapes mix nicely with Pumphrey's punky taste for fashion, and her results speak for themselves.Pumphrey of course has a deviantART gallery, where you can check out her roller derby Dazzler and retooled Misfits, who could totally slip into a new Jem comic if some smart publisher were inclined to use them.

She's got her own blog, too, where you can read about her beef with Gambit and other comments about her approach.

He work's got a great flavor to it, filled with metal studded mutants, fishnet stockings and a general sentiment that goes well with whiskey and rock music that employs a stand-up bass.