Reviving the Prince of Power, establishing a huge cosmic threat, uniting an unlikely team of warriors - it's all in an autumn's work for Hercules writers Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and artist Khoi Pham.

According to last night's "Attack of the Show" on G4, Hercules is set to live up to his functionally immortal heritage this October when he returns just in time to confront mad god the Chaos King and his minions in a five-issue storyline dubbed "Chaos War." Herc won't be alone in his labors, though. Taking a page from his "Secret War" strategy, the hero will assemble an all-new God Squad consisting of cosmic allies such as Galactus and the Silver Surfer, along with Eternal Sersi, Atlas' Venus and the world's sixth-smartest man Amadeus Cho.

Of course, a Pak and Van Lente collab wouldn't seem natural without at least a touch of green, meaning fans can also expect the involvement of Bruce Banner and his incredibly Hulky friends.

See the full "Attack of the Show" announcement after the jump.

[Via Robot6]

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