June will see the launch of Trinity of Sin: Pandora, a new ongoing series starring the titular mystery woman of the new DC Comics Universe. Written by Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark, Constantine) and drawn by Daniel Sampere (Batgirl, The Ravagers), the series will hopefully get down to business with this character, whose few appearances in various DC publications over the last year have hinted at lots of things -- like a "Trinity War" -- that we hope will finally come to fruition this year.First seen in 2011's Flashpoint, Pandora explained to The Flash that the three distinct DC Comics lines -- the DC Universe, WildStorm and Vertigo -- were uniting to fight off a coming threat. She later appeared stealthily in every #1 issue of DC's New 52 line before some more substantial stuff in books like The Phantom Stranger, Justice League and DC's New 52 Free Comic Book Day special, where it was revealed that Pandora is indeed the Pandora of myth who opened a box containing some really nasty magical stuff and sentenced to an eternity of loneliness by a powerful, seemingly primal force of beings called the Circle of Eternity.

Pandora was not alone in her cosmic naughtiness. As referenced in the title of her new series, Pandora is but one of a trinity of sinners that also includes a new version of the faceless hero known as The Question -- cursed by the Circle of Eternity to forever question his identity and search for answers he will never find, as punishment for defying their authority in an unspecified way -- and the Phantom Stranger, who is heavily implied to be Judas Iscariot, the Biblical figure who betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans in exchange for 30 pieces of silver (which became the Stranger wears around his neck). His punishment is to forever walk the world "as a stranger to man" and "as a witness to what greed can do."

We would subsequently learn that Pandora has been trying to make some kind of amends for her transgression with a plan that involves unleashing whatever power remains in the box. Unfortunately for Pandora, she can no longer open it herself -- but an unidentified member of the Justice League can (based on the image below, probably Batman). However, the Phantom Stranger seems to want the box for himself. What part the Question has to play in this conflict has yet to be revealed, but all of this is presumably the back-story for an event called The Trinity War that's meant to be blowing up this year.

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