The Walking Dead has become a titan of independent comics since its debut in 2003, and despite the television shows, novels and video games, the actual comic franchise has been heavily guarded by its co-creator Robert Kirkman. Very few people can say that they’ve worked on Walking Dead comics, but as of today Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin can be counted among that select group thanks to the release of the digital one-shot The Walking Dead: The Alien, available now via Panel Snydicate.

The Alien is a thirty-one page issue set in Spain, only a few weeks into the outbreak that turned the majority of the world into zombies. While we won’t reveal more than that, the series is very much part of the world created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, and carves its own place in the ongoing series' rich canon.

When Robert Kirkman kept asking Vaughan if Image could publish a print version of The Private Eye, Vaughan joked that they could if Panel Syndicate could do a Walking Dead story, and he was surprised when Kirkman agreed.

Panel Syndicate’s comics take advantage of the digital medium by producing comics in a landscape format for the screen, as opposed to the portrait format that most print comics adhere to. All comics released through the imprint also operate on a pay-what-you-like basis, giving the reader the choice to name their price --- including the option to pay nothing at all --- and in today’s news letter, Panel Syndicate confirmed that Kirkman is allowing all proceeds of The Walking Dead: The Alien to go directly to Vaughan and Martin.

Head to Panel Syndicate’s website now to download your copy.


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