Though it's not necessarily voluntary, baby cosplay is still probably the cutest corner of costume culture. With this in mind, Calleigh's Clilps and Crochet Creations has begun selling crochet pattern PDFs instructing yarn-philes in the art of decking out their younglings in Batman and/or Robin costumes on Etsy. At $5.95 a pop, it seems like a decent deal for the craft-inclined. Personally, I'm just happy to have been exposed to some kooky abbreviations for crochet knots just now because it's helped me imagine a scenario in which a crocheter, a CB radio operator, a short order cook and a stock broker combine forces to shout near-incomprehensible, apocalypse-inducing spells. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, look at the crochet patterns in action after the cut.

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