It's no secret that Cowboys & Aliens, the 2011 big budget film from Iron Man director Jon Favreau, was a bit of a flop. Despite a cast that included Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, and a well-publicized debut at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, the movie failed both commercially and critically. Originally an OGN, the concept was created by Platinum Studios head Scott Rosenberg, with the sole intent of selling it to a movie studio. As such, he hired a few comics pros, including Fred Van Lente, to create a story based on what was essentially nothing more than a working title.

Apparently, Van Lente either wasn't invited to a screening or found a better use of his time, because he recently watched the film, for the first time, on HBO. And fortunately for his Twitter followers, he decided to live tweet the entire movie. That is, until he realized it's incredibly boring.

Fortunately, Van Lente does find a bit of a silver lining:

And if nothing else, the experience did lead to what was hopefully an entertaining evening:

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