Halloween is the time when everyone becomes a cosplayer. That's especially true at the annual Halloween costume party hosted by comic store Silver Snail, which have become legendary in Toronto. Everyone wears a costume. Almost everyone makes an effort. And most of the costumes are super-nerdy. A lot of them are comics-based, but you'll also see costumes based on movies, TV shows, video games, toys, and internet memes - and the best part is, no-one asks who you've come as, because everyone there is nerdy enough to know.

This year, to mark the Snail's relocation to new premises at 329 Yonge Street, the party was bigger and nerdier than ever. ComicsAlliance was there - with photographer Paul Hillier- to capture some of the best costumes on film.

Gambit and Rogue

Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man

Iron Man

Green Arrow

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker

Powdered Toast Man

Black Widow and Winter Soldier

J. Jonah Jameson

The Monarch and Dr Mrs The Monarch

Mses. Marvel


Pac-Man and Ghost

Strawberry Shortcake

Flash writer/artist Francis Manapul as Charlie Chaplin (with Dalek Tank)


Mario Kart

Batwing artist Marcus To as Indiana Jones

Ghostbusters Logo

Catwoman and Bane



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