John Trumbull has gotten a bit of attention lately. A regular contributor to The Line It Is Drawn, a weekly art feature for the Comic Book Resources blog "Comics Should Be Good," a recent submission by Trumbull garnered far more discussion than he was likely expecting. Inspired by John Byrne and Terry Austin's famous cover from Uncanny X-Men #141, Trumbull created a New 52 spoof that features Wally West and Donna Troy in their classic Teen Titans uniforms, in front of a wanted poster with descriptions that are a bit more lighthearted than "apprehended" and "slain." You can check out the full piece after the cut.
The piece went viral pretty quickly, which prompted Trumbull to write about the experience on his deviant art page. To read the full text, and to check out more of his art (including a beautiful tribute to the late Joe Kubert), go here.

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