Paul Shinn's unique brand of comics humor has been documented on ComicsAlliance before. Many of his parody concepts pack enough context and goings on to be storyboards for Family Guy cut scenes. The level of thought he invests into the action and illustration in each of his Superman, Dennis the Menace and Lady Gaga jabs gives onlookers everything they need to understand the scene playing out-with or without any additional panels.
His re-imagining of the X-Men's Beast as Tony the Tiger alone is worth the trip over to his Look what I drawed blog. His original haiku comics are likewise capable of inspiring great laughter.

From Batman and Robin's two-man band to Jar Jar Binks shocking Yoda in the middle of the desert, Shinn's portfolio covers a ton of CA favorites. Scroll down and scope out the highlight reel below.

Also, the sooner we get a dinosaur Legend of Zelda game, the batter.