Talk of an adaptation of cartoonist Peter Bagge's graphic novel Apocalypse Nerd has been going on for years, but the team that's been trying to bring it to the screen may be one step closer to getting there.

Production company Independent Content has launched a Kickstarter to raise £88,736 (roughly $142, 750 USD) for the project. If all goes to plan, writer/director Tupaq Felber could start shooting as early as this year, the Kickstarter description says. Check out the video for the project after the jump.



Contributor rewards include film downloads, posters, prints, sketches, and original art, among other things.

Doing this independently means we can do it how we want it done. Doing this independently means you get to choose the films that are made. And doing this independently has never been easier or more exciting. Lets help Kickstart the future of independent filmmaking.

A version of this project was originally planned to air on the BBC, but that appears to have fallen through, because the Kickstarter description is very big on the idea of supporter-backed movies.

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