Ever since Jessica Jones' high school crush on Peter Parker was revealed in the pages of "Alias" a few years back, fans have been waiting for that detail to impact the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Now, with the release of "Amazing Spider-Man #601" this fall, Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada will take some time to address the Midtown High alumni's shared secondary education experiences with a special six-page story.

Like all unrequited high school crushes, a lot got in the way of Jones and Parker hooking up. Parker had supervillains with animal names trying to kill him every week and Jones had a purple-skinned man ruining her life through mind control. Then they both had to go and get married to boot!

Thanks to a deal with the devil, Peter's situation has changed, but Jones is still happily married with children. Her husband Luke Cage recently found out about his wife's former crush on an adventure with the New Avengers, creating a kind of awkward tension on the team. After all, who can compete with a guy who was married to a supermodel (before Mephisto made him forget)?

Since the story is only six pages, it probably won't contain any shockers, but it should be a nice recap for "Alias" fans and a confidence booster for the recently single Spider-Man.