Philip Tan's career in comics has spanned "Spawn" and Grant Morrison's "Batman and Robin," and you've probably seen a wide range of reactions to his work regarding the latter. What you haven't seen if you've not been following Tan's Twitter account, however, are the stacks of sketches and commissions that he frequently posts, all of which would be worthy prizes for art buyers who happen to run across his table in an artists alley somewhere.

Magneto, Aquaman and Beta Ray Bill have been some of the highlights on Tan's TwitPic and TweetPhoto accounts this year, and if Gambit, Zatanna or Wolverine are more your thing, he's done them as well. His distinct blend of '90s Image-style sensibilities and eye for detail make them all fairly recognizable at first glance, and some of the effects he's able to drizzle over his work, such as with Wolverine, are pretty fantastic.

Check a few of our favorites in the gallery below.

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