Filipino Comic Art Auction

Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, JB Casacop, Allen Geneta, and Mico Suayan are just a few of the comics artists who will be taking part in a huge art auction to raise money this weekend for their home country of The Philippines and for Bayan Knights co-creator Vergil Espinosa, who recently suffered liver failure.

The auction will be part of the annual Komikon convention in the city of Pasig, which is going ahead this Saturday in spite of the recent devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.

Saturday's auction is not a Haiyan relief effort, though organizers are planning a similar fundraiser to benefit the victims of the typhoon. This fundraiser will help Espinosa and people affected by the earthquake in the province of Bohol last month.

“We are fully aware of the great and unimaginable tragedy that has befallen our country within the last week due to Typhoon Yolanda," Alangulian said. "We understand that many of you would wish to help those victims as well. Please do not worry as we will have plenty of opportunity to do so. For this Saturday, we do wish to go ahead and raise funds for our original recipients: Bohol and Vergil, as this is what we have already promised to do.”

Here's a Facebook gallery of the work that is available for bidding in the auction. An example from artist Mico Suayan:

Mico Suayan Batman Superman

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