Just earlier today, we speculated that we’d be seeing more announcements of exclusive contracts beyond those coming from DC Comics, and it seems that is the case, as  Valiant Entertainment has announced a whopping fifteen exclusive deals in one fell swoop ahead of this weekend’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

The announcement, courtesy of ComicBookResources, covers new or renewed exclusive contracts with artists and colorists who have already worked on Valiant titles. Since its return in 2012, Valiant has provided a space for creators to step outside of the box of the usual superhero universe trappings, and has afford them the opportunity and freedom to tell new kinds of superhero stories.

Here’s the full list of talent according to CBR:

Raul Allen (currently working on "Wrath of the Eternal Warrior"), David Baron (colorist on "Divinity II" and "Bloodshot Reborn"), Diego Bernard ("Ninjak"), Doug Braithwaite ("Ninjak"), CAFU ("Rai"), Khari Evans ("Imperium"), Robert Gill ("4001 A.D.: Shadowman"), Trevor Hairsine ("Divinity II"), Clayton Henry ("4001 AD: X-O Manowar"), David Lafuente ("A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong"), Lewis LaRosa ("Bloodshot Reborn"), Pere Perez (former "Archer & Armstrong" artist said to be working on a "top secret" project), Brian Reber (colorist on "A&A" and "Bloodshot Reborn"), Juan Jose Ryp ("Wrath of the Eternal Warrior") and Mico Suayan ("Bloodshot Reborn").

The list shows not only Valiant’s commitment to creators, but artists in particular who are often undervalued and under-appreciated compared to their writer colleagues. Valiant has shown to have a great eye for talent in the past, and with these fifteen new signings, the future looks bright for the company.

Check out the full announcement at CBR for more information, including statements from Valiant’s CEO & chief creative officer Dinesh Shamdasani and editor-in-chief Warren Simons.


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