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Ninjak And Eternal Warrior Are The Buddy Comedy Of The Year
Who doesn't love a buddy comedy? There's something about a pair of mismatched heroes that are meant to be doing something serious that keeps getting derailed by how incompatible they are. It's a formula that almost always works, whether it's something like couple of of cops where one is straitlaced and by-the-books and the other is a little wild, or if one of the cops is a British ninja super-spy and the other is the magically immortal fist and steel of the Earth itself, and instead of crime they're fighting magical spiders. Also, it all happens in the future. And Michel Fiffe does a cover for it. So maybe it's not your standard buddy comedy, but Ninjak #20 has some pretty great moments between Colin King and the guest-starring Eternal Warrior. Check it out a preview!
The Bad Guys Take Arms Against Valiant's Favorite Ninja In 'Ninjak' #19
At this point, I'm pretty sure everyone who reads ComicsAlliance is familiar with my deep and abiding affection for Ninjak, but for real. I can't help loving him when he keeps doing the most amazing things I've ever read about. I mean, you'd think it would be enough that he once broke into MI6 headquarters to stop the alien invaders who had infiltrated British intelligence, or that time he went on a mission to the literal magical land of the dead. But y'all. Y'all. In the next issue, which continues "Fist & The Steel" crossover with Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak --- Ninjak of the future! --- fights a dude who has like twelve arms. I can't even hand-le how great this is.
Valiant Announces Fifteen Exclusive Signings
Just earlier today, we speculated that we’d be seeing more announcements of exclusive contracts beyond those coming from DC Comics, and it seems that is the case, as Valiant Entertainment has announced a whopping fifteen exclusive deals in one fell swoop ahead of this weekend’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.
The Delinquents: A Beginner's Guide to 'Harbinger'
Valiant Comics‘ shared superhero universe is smaller and less familiar than those of its major rivals, but even a small shared universe can offer a lot to learn about. To help those readers looking to take the plunge into the Valiant Universe, we’ve assembled our own team of delinquents to break things down. Steve Morris knows Valiant inside out; J.A. Micheline is new to the universe. Micheline has the questions, and Morris has the answers. Last time, Steve introduced JAM to the first sixteen issues of horror series Shadowman and supernatural romance The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage. For the next assignment, he set JAM homework of the first two volumes of the superpowered team-book Harbinger, one of the flagship titles of the Valiant Universe — and now they’re back to talk about it!
Kickstarted: The Glorious Return of Carbon Grey
I like Kickstarter a lot. It's an efficient way to directly connect with artists while also making sure a project that interests you gets funded. There are still a few hitches that need to be worked out, but my experience with Kickstarter has been largely positive...