Rather than mess around with selling books individually, independent comics and art-magazine publisher PictureBox is offering an interesting deal for its 2013 offerings: Pay them $300 and get everything they publish. (Link is NSFW.)

Among those offerings? Walrus, a collection of drawings and sketchbook comics from Brandon Graham; an edition of Osamu Tezuka's 1947 graphic novel The Mysterious Underground Men; Seiichi Hayashi's Gold Pollen and Other Stories, a collection of comics from the 1960s; Yuichi Yokoyama's graphic novel World Map Room; a sketchbook collection from Ben Jones; and a considerable amount of nudity. See the full list of what PictureBox is including in its huge package deal so far -- more titles are to come, the publisher promises -- after the jump.


  • Ben Jones, Men's Group
  • Blutch, So Long, Silver Screen
  • The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame
  • C.F., MERE
  • Sun Ra and Aye Aton, Space, Interiors and Exteriors, 1972
  • Shigeru Sugiura, Last of the Mohicans
  • Brandon Graham, Walrus
  • Jesse Pearson, ed., Nudity Today
  • Chris Martin, Drawings
  • Julia Chiang, Coming Together, Coming Apart
  • Joe Bradley, Drawings


  • Diplo and Shane McCauley, Blow Your Head 2: NYC
  • Anya Davidson, School Spirits
  • Richard Kern, Contact High
  • Frank Santor, Pompeii
  • Seiichi Hayashi, Gold Pollen and Other Stories
  • Yuichi Yokoyama, World Map Room
  • Eddie Martinez, Paintings
  • Matthew Thurber, INFOMANIACS
  • Osamu Tezuka, The Mysterious Underground Men
  • Wes Lang monograph

If you can't tell from the titles, publisher Dan Nadel describes this year's PictureBox output thusly:

"When I think of this year of publishing I think of the following words: sex; contemplation; beauty; bite; weed, hilarity; terror; intimidation; inspiration; canon; history; cartography; stupefied; bonafide."

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