Cyblade:  Pilot Season #1  coverPress Release

The second of six "pilot issues", Cyblade: Pilot Season #1 continues the excitement of Pilot Season 2007 with espionage and style. Pilot Season 2007 is a series of six self contained one shot specials, each featuring a different established Top Cow character currently without a regular series. After all six issues are released fans will be given the opportunity to vote online to determine which two characters receive a series in 2008.

Hot on the heels of August's Ripclaw: Pilot Season #1 by Eisner nominee Jason Aaron (Scalped, The Other Side) and Jorge Lucas (Incredible Hulk, Annihiliation: Ronan), Cyblade: Pilot Season #1 takes readers into a cerebral action thriller by Harvey Award winner Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk's Run, Punks: The Comic) and kinetic artist Rick Mays (Kabuki, Zatana). In this latest Pilot Season special, Fialkov and Mays explore the true origin of elite super-spy and Cyberforce's electromagnetic assassin, Cyblade.

"Getting a chance to rework a character with such a strong fan base into something that both honors the past, and hopefully, gives her some new life for the future has been a real blast," commented writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, "I just hope y'all vote for the book so I get to keep on doing it.".

"A lot of the earlier concepts at Top Cow were a lot of fun, but they didn't always properly establish characters. With Pilot Season, and bringing in a writer like Joshua, we're really able to change that by taking a look at who these characters are and what makes them tick," added Rob Levin, VP of Editorial for Top Cow. "Doesn't hurt that we also wrote a story tailor made for Rick Mays and he agreed to draw it either."

Cyblade: Pilot Season #1 is a 32 page full color comic with a suggested retail price of $2.99. Additional information regarding Pilot Season can be found at

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