Ah, At World's End, the final chapter to the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and crew finally comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on 12/04. I found the movie very enjoyable in theaters, minus that boring white crab drek at the end of the world. If you've seen the first two movies, if you own the first two movies, this final chapter is a must to complete your collection and with all the pretty people in this movie it makes for a splendid viewing on an HD-TV, especially the final battle in the maelstrom. It used to be nothing beat seeing a movie in the theater, but now with high-def discs and TV's nothing beats a great home viewing.

The movie is good and looks great on an HD-TV and ok on a regular TV, but we knew we'd get this. What this set is about are the bonus features. So let's take a look at what we get on the 2-disc DVD set.

Disc 1
So we've got the movie (duh) as well as bloopers. The bloopers are standard fare with very famous folks who are paid large sums of money messing up on the job, or joking around and then laughing about it. The outtakes are indeed fun, but only worthy of one viewing. Overall disc 1 does what it should, gives you the movie you want.

Disc 2
The bonus material we see on Disc 2 is what is quickly becoming the standard on big budget movies. With so many options now to get your movies, mail, online, download; it's now all about the special features to hook buyers into a DVD. Now, onto the features.

Anatomy of a Scene: The Maelstrom – I mentioned this scene above and how it looks oh so outstanding. This feature shows you how they created this scene. A great watch indeed.
Keith & The Captain – A feature about Depp and Richards. Only problem I had with this feature is how do you give a feature to someone in the movie for like, what, a sneeze. The movie would have been better served with more about Richards which would have made this feature better. That being said, damn these two are funny together.
Tale of the Many Jacks – Another special effects features, this time about the various Jack's seen in one of the movies most annoying scenes ... with all them little white crabs. This I could do without.
Hoist the Colours – Could this be the first step in the upcoming Pirates on Broadway? A look at music, good times.
Masters of Design – A feature any design major should check out, and one I really enjoyed. Five documentaries about five designers on five sets. My favorites, Singapore.
Inside the Brethren Court – Great feature, and like I said about Richards, another group I would love to see more on. Each of these pirates could get their own movie, comic or animated adventure (hint, hint) and this feature shows why.
The World of Chow Yun Fat – I don't know why this feature is listed so far down. I found it more enjoyable than Keith & The Captain. Chow Yun Fat is an extraordinary actor who really deserved more time in the film.
The Pirate Maestro: The Music of Hans Zimmer – When it comes to movie music it does not get much larger than Hans Zimmer. A good feature, if only the entire soundtrack was included.

Overall the 2-disc set is a worthy purchase. The trilogy of Pirates movies is unique, it's pirates after all, and a fitting end to your collection.