Even if you don't know it, you're probably already familiar with the art of Everett Downing. As an artist for Pixar, he's been an animator on movies like Brave, Up and Wall-E, but in his off time, he's developed an artistic exercise to keep his skills sharp: 365 Supers, a series of original superhero designs that he's knocked out in an hour or less.

The project has been going for three years now, and in that time, Downing's managed to rack up 292 (and counting) heroes and villains, including so, so many puns. Check out a baker's dozen of our favorites below!

#169: Bouncing Betty

#200: Deathgrip

#61: Emoticon

#31: El Hielo

#267: Boom Chick

#260: Drama Queen

#77: Kung Fu Hustler

#146: Powerfist!

#93: Whistlin' Dixie

#252: The Man Handler

#239: Ph.Demon

#8: Widower

#161: Landline

And there are hundreds more to check out. Personally, as unlikely as it might be, I wouldn't mind seeing all of these guys show up in an Incredibles sequel where the family got involved in the mandatory Secret Crisis War Crossover, but even in he extremely possible event that that doesn't happen, it's still pretty cool to see them all lined up.

For more, check out the full gallery at Downing's 365Supers site, or catch an in-depth look at his process from our pals at Wired!

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