Play Imaginative's previously previewed 1/12 scale Iron Man 3 heroes will soon have some compatible die-cast foes to square off against. This spring four flavors of Iron Man 2 drone are getting the Super Alloy treatment next year. While they lack the human touch of bad guy options like the Iron Monger, Whiplash, Aldrich Killian or even... Trevor Slattery, the roughly 6" tall limited edition Air Assault, Tactical Assault, Ground Assault and Sea Assault drone action figures should make for fun army-building if you collect toys with a Tony Stark budget.

Preoder sites haven't quite started to list the drones just yet, but Play Imaginative's native Singapore toy listings indicate that the figures will go for a suggested retail price of about $100-110 USD and arrive sometime in late May or early June of 2014.

You can see all of the Super Alloy Iron Man 2 Assault Drone action figure images below.