After reading the recent inexcusably irresponsible blog post from Travis Corcoran, the president of the online comics retail store Heavy Ink, lauding the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona and encouraging the shooting of other politicians, we recently wrote an editorial condemning his actions and encouraging comics fans to consider whether they wished to continue giving him their business.

We expected some controversy, comments with angry political rhetoric, and blowback from outraged creators, all of which occurred. What we didn't expect? That the police would read our article, and then confiscate all of Corcoran's firearms and ammunition and notify the federal authorities.

Although we did not personally send the information to the authorities, it appears that someone pointed them to our site where they learned about Corcoran's comments, as the Boston Globe reports:

Bongiorno said police found the comment reposted on in a story that said Corcoran first made the comment in a blog. Bongiorno said Corcoran has since redacted the comments, but police consider the threat to be credible until they can prove otherwise. Police have also contacted federal law enforcement agencies about the comment.

The offending blog post -- and the entirety of Corcoran's blog -- now appears to have been taken down or is otherwise inaccessible. The Boston Herald story notes that Corcoran has not been charged with a crime, although his firearms license has been suspended and a "large amount" of weaponry seized while police investigate his comments and whether they constitute a threat to U.S. members of Congress.

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