If you've been paying attention to the news, late night talk show monologues or even the more well-read fortune cookies lately, you've probably gotten wind of the WikiLeaks scandal, in which over 250,000 confidential diplomatic documents were leaked to news sources via the WikiLeaks media organization, provoking embarrassment to the government and absolute shock to people who had no idea that governments could sometimes be mean to each other.

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While the leaks have been polarizing to say the least, their actual impact has been difficult for a lot of people to grasp, for the simple reason that government documents are often really, really boring, and getting through a quarter of a million of them isn't exactly something you can knock out over breakfast. But there are several interesting exchanges buried in there somewhere, and as part of ComicsAlliance's ongoing quest to bring the truth to our readers, we've got a few that caught our eye today!

Diplomatic Cables From Tom Travers, United States Ambassador to Latveria
Reports From DARPA Liason Col. Richard P. Little
Reports From DARPA Liason Col. Spenser Gregson

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