Marvel is ending the universe, and the publisher seems very excited about it, having announced not only an epic mush of worlds in this year’s Secret Wars event, but also a string of tie-ins under umbrella titles like Battleword, Warzones, and Last Days. It’s this final one that particularly interests us, because everyone knows what happens when you know the world is going to end. You hook up. Right? Of course you do.

On Monday you told us unambiguously that Magneto should spend his Last Days with Charles Xavier. On Tuesday you were split between Hercules, Wyatt Wingfoot and Patsy Walker on who She-Hulk might choose for a final dance. Today we look at the last of the announced Last Days titles; Loki, Agent of Asgard. As a gender-fluid shapeshifter, the trickster god of mischief has more options than most; we've tried to narrow it down to a small handful. And for argument's sake, let's assume Loki settles on just one of them.


Amora the Enchantress

They have a history, and Loki and Amora recently got close again when both of them were accidental heroes during the Axis inversion. Maybe they want to feel good one more time.


Verity Willis

The woman who can see through any lie, making her either the best or the worst possible choice for Loki.


Svadilfari the Horse

A mythological stallion, and Loki's babydaddy. (Yes, Loki was the mother. Of an eight-legged horse.) This was in the Ancient Norse Prose Edda, you understand. Marvel has not published a comic about this, to the best of our knowledge.



The everglorious warrior of Asgard, and recent rival to Loki. He and the trickster have been fighting over a sword. Mm hmm.



It's complicated.


The Forbidden Option

Look. They're related, OK? Yes, through adoption, but they still grew up as siblings. The inclusion of this option is not an endorsement, but we know what people are like. This is between you and your conscience.



Hard to do, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Loki. And ultimately, shouldn't Loki be with the one that loves Loki the most?