Marvel is ending the universe, and the publisher seems very excited about it, having announced not only an epic mush of worlds in this year's Secret Wars event, but also a string of tie-ins under umbrella titles like Battleword, Warzones, and Last Days. It's this final one that particularly interests us, because everyone knows what happens when you know the world is going to end. You hook up. Right? Of course you do.

So on the assumption that each Last Days series will feature a character or characters looking for one more canoodle before the curtain drops forever, we're offering our readers a chance to weigh in on the love interests you think Marvel's Last Days protagonists should get together with, starting with the master of magnetism, the mutant in magenta, the man sometimes named Magnus (or Max, or Erik, or Gandalf); Magneto.

We've narrowed Magneto's options down to five potential paramours, because no-one really cares about Lee Forrester.


How is she talking?


The spark of attraction between Magneto and Rogue was first discovered when they were both running around in the Savage Land in skimpy loincloths, and while several writers have explored the chemistry of this May/December romance, it never really went anywhere. But what better time to find out if you could have had a future together than when the world is ending?


That's So Raven


The X-Men movies seem to think that Magneto and Mystique should be a thing, because the X-Men movies haven't worked out that the x-women are well developed characters with agency rather than props to pass around between the boys. Still, if you're really invested in this super-villain team-up, here's your last chance (honest) to see it realized in the comics.


Does everyone talk into Magneto's mouth like this?


Wasp and Magneto may not be a great romance for the ages, but they have hooked up before -- and it was during the first Secret Wars. So maybe this is a thing they do whenever a secret war rolls around? Marvel has had enough of the things now; it stands to reason that people would have their own Secret holiday traditions.


More of a "work spouse" relationship

Emma Frost

Wild card choice. There's not much of a history between these two -- that's why it's a wild card choice -- but they have a lot in common and they have been teammates recently, in so far as either of them is ever on anyone's team. They probably have each other's numbers, right?


More of an "actual spouse" relationship

Charles Xavier

When there's nothing left to lose, shouldn't you turn to the one you've always loved the most? OK, sure, Charles is technically dead, but there's at least one alt.Charles running around in continuity, and with the convergence of worlds there'll probably be a bunch of them. Marvel never lets death get in the way of a good story, and isn't the love between Charles and Magneto one of the great stories?