Marvel is ending the universe, and the publisher seems very excited about it, having announced not only an epic mush of worlds in this year's Secret Wars event, but also a string of tie-ins under umbrella titles like BattlewordWarzones, and Last Days. It's this final one that particularly interests us, because everyone knows what happens when you know the world is going to end. You hook up. Right? Of course you do.

Yesterday we asked you who Magneto would get together with in his Last Days series -- and an overwhelming majority voted for Charles Xavier, to the point where it just seemed like we needn't have bothered including anyone else. Today we're looking at one of the Mighty Avengers, the Jade Giantess Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk. One of the great things about Jen is that she's a proudly liberated woman who isn't afraid to take pleasure in life, or to fill her dance card with possible suitors. But if she had to pick one someone for her final date, who would it be?


Wyatt Wingfoot

The obvious choice; the lovely Wyatt is Jen's long-term on-and-off paramour, and the pair were even engaged at one point. In the eyes of many She-Hulk fans, she and Wyatt are destined to end up together.



In a weird continuity patch, Jen's time with the Juggernaut was revealed to involve a She-Hulk impostor. No-one makes such awkward accommodations for fellow lawyer Daredevil's involvements with villains, so why the double standard? Jen's entitled to make mistakes too. Maybe she can make this one again. (For the first time?)


Tony Stark

A former lover and a courtroom rival. Jen once rightly remarked how unfair it is that Stark gets to play the field without getting called out for it, while a woman doing the same thing is condemned. Maybe in the end times, all his experience counts for something?


Patsy Walker

Jen's current gal pal and confidante... and potentially so much more?



John Jameson is in love with Jennifer. She doesn't feel the same way about him. But maybe when all is said and done, she'd be willing to throw this dog a bone?



If I told you that there's some eye-opening fan art of She-Hulk and her similarly Amazonian sometime grappling partner Titania online that suggests this pair have an established following, would you just take my word for it?



Hercules used to be Jen's fantasy crush -- she once rated him a perfect 10, and had several dreams about him. And then she actually spent some time with him. He's not quite her perfect man in person, but the mutual attraction is there. When the world is ending, you don't have to worry so much about their personality.