As convenient as digital downloads make buying and storing video games, the format has had the side-effect of sorta emasculating a title's all-important box art. Take the hotly anticipated pixel joint "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game." It's based on Universal Pictures' film by way of Bryan Lee O'Malley's SP comics and features the design of pixel maestro Paul Robertson and music by chiptunes rockers Anamanaguchi, but despite impressive gameplay footage reveals, there hasn't been much box art (literal or otherwise) making the rounds for either its PS3 or eventual Xbox 360 ports.

Until now. Maybe.

A few days ago a pretty plausible image purporting to be official SP videogame "box art" began making the rounds on Tumblr. It looks real enough, but game publisher Ubisoft has yet to properly acknowledge its awesomeness.There's still plenty of time before the "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game" release date on August 10, meaning that even if this art isn't the real deal, fans will surely see something cool out of Ubisoft. Don't let us down Ubes! Can we call you Ubes?

[Via Twitter @thechrishaley]