On the header on his website, Danish artist John Kenn describes himself thusly: "I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw monsterdrawings on Post-It notes."

That's not all that out of the ordinary; at my old job we were constantly doodling on Post-Its to kill time, creating characters with names like "Hot Pockets." What sets Kenn's apart, though, is that they're absolutely amazing pieces of art.

Filled with a level of detail that would be impressive even if he wasn't drawing on sticky notes -- which gives me the idea that he possesses the single greatest pencil sharpener on Earth -- Kenn's drawings aren't just cool monsters. Each one seems to tell an entire sinister, creepy, sometimes darkly hilarious story in each perfect scene. In essence, it's like Edward Gorey... but on Post-It notes.

It's pretty incredible, and while they're all worth seeing, I've picked out a few favorites after the jump!

Kenn's website has a pretty extensive archive of his Post-It monsters going back to April of 2009, but my absolute favorite drawing on the entire site has got to be this one:

Those guys are just so stoked about finding a baby carriage that they can barely contain their joy. The one on the right can barely even believe it. And while this is almost certainly the prelude to tragedy, let's be real here: If you leave your baby carriage unattended in Creepy Monster Woods, this type of thing is going to happen.

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