Marvel is getting the old band back together. Power Man and Iron Fist are back at it in a new ongoing series for the fan favorite Heroes For Hire duo. The return also falls in line with Marvel’s plan to create individual Netflix shows for the aforementioned heroes, with Power Man, aka Luke Cage, coming up later this year.

Writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene seem to be crafting the newest comic series with the both sets of audiences in mind. Power Man and Iron Fist #1 offers a slow build as readers are reintroduced to the characters and their easy, familiar bond.

With inside jokes, casual vernacular, and affectionate tones, Walker makes the characters feel like old friends to the reader as well. While Luke Cage has transitioned to the role of family man, Danny Rand is brewing for adventure.

Greene matches the vibe with his funky and engaging art style. Although it’s unlike the art seen in most of Marvel’s comics, the approach allows for enjoyable exaggerated expressions.

Overall, the first issue seems to be taking themes from a traditional buddy cop film, and building to a simple conclusion --- but seeing as this is only the first issue, we know there’s much more to come. The series takes on a few unexpected twist and turns, so that by the end, it’s clear that Power Man and Iron Fist will have to brace themselves for an intriguing conflict and inescapable battle.

If you haven't picked up the book, check out the first four pages below:




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