One of the best things about the Power Rangers franchise is that it helps to teach children valuable lessons, like how to be safe on Halloween, or that giant robot dinosaurs are basically the most awesome things that it is even possible to imagine. This week, though, as Power Rangers Dino Charge offers up its last episode before a six-month mid-season hiatus, they're finally teaching kids one of the most important lessons of all: Biggie was right.

Yes, it seems that the employees of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's in-house cafe are about to learn a lesson about money and problems, as they battle a monster with an endless supply of treasure and --- not coincidentally --- find themselves $2,000,000 in debt. Check out an exclusive clip below!



Here's the official description for the episode, "Riches and Rags":

In this episode, Ivan mistakes a thousand year old suit of armor as a training dummy and finds himself in debt 2 million dollars after destroying it. Heckyl sends in a hybrid monster named Spell Digger to spread greed to anyone who touches his gold coins, while the Rangers work to destroy the monster and figure out how they can pay Ivan’s debt…

And here's why this is amazing:

First of all, Ivan --- also known as Sir Not Appearing In This Clip --- is a knight from Camelot times who was stuck in a magic gem for 800 years before popping out and immediately becoming a Power Ranger with a part-time job at a dinosaur museum snack bar. Second, while I think it's probably pretty clear that they're going to settle their debts with Heckyl's ill-gotten treasure, I do think giving the Power Rangers the problem of crushing debt that they can't keep up with because they all have low-paying food service jobs is genuinely amazing.

Then again, considering that the Pink Ranger is the heiress to an international ice cream empire, maybe they're not in such dire financial straits after all.

"Rags and Riches" airs this Saturday, March 26th on Nickelodeon at 12pm ET/PT